How much bandwidth do I need?

Bandwidth is one of the big questions I'm asked about the adoption of cloud technologies. It is obvious that between the connection by a gigabit network to the servers of the enterprise and that of a few megabits of an internet connection, there is a difference in performance and potentially cost. But again, as with... Continue Reading →

Will my performance improve or degrade with the cloud

This is with security one of the most controversial topics. Performance is both measurable, therefore objective, and perceived, therefore subjective. The pure performance of an application or process is often the result of a set of interdependent components. Even if one imagines being able to isolate the performance of an application to a single server,... Continue Reading →

Is the cloud secure?

Security is a big topic that requires more than a single post. Yet, let's start by saying that professional clouds are very secure. More than your data center. In the first place because it is the business of the service providers. If these clouds did not offer a very high level of security, they would... Continue Reading →

What is Artificial Intelligence?

This is the topic of the day. AI (Artificial Intelligence) this, AI that, everything seems to circle around AI now. The subject is fascinating and is rich with promise. But, what is AI? Everyone knows and has, more or less, been exposed to natural stupidity. Many talks about artificial intelligence without knowing what is behind... Continue Reading →

By the way. What is the hybrid cloud?

Everybody talks about the cloud, everyone uses it. We are though generally referring to the "public" cloud. What is the difference between public and hybrid cloud? We defined in a previous article the five characteristics of the cloud. They are important because they let you know whether a data center creates a cloud or not.... Continue Reading →

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