Chatbots and natural language processing

One of mankind's old dreams is to artificially clone him or herself in a machine. The mechanical Turk was the first attempt of this anthropomorphism of the machine, while being a scam, but that's another story. Artifical Intelligence progresses inexorably as it digests data and offers many anthropomorphic features, including the understanding of a text,... Continue Reading →

Serverless, the art of bypassing servers…

The cloud is made of millions of servers running millions of apps. The extension of a private cloud to a public cloud is often achieved by replicating what is already known: setting up servers, installing software and running applications. This is the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model. Moving away from the management of operating... Continue Reading →

The Strong Trend of Multicloud

The cloud has changed the way IT and its tools are used by both businesses and individuals. In my book, Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud, we look at the implementation of a hybrid cloud. The last few months this trend has been proven right by for multiple cloud vendors. The consolidation of the sector and... Continue Reading →

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