Private, Hybrid, and Public Clouds – The book!

Voilà. By popular demand, my book, Private, Hybrid, and Public Cloud is available in Paperbook and Kindle.

Cloud privé, hybride et public - Quel modèle pour quelle utilisation ? Un état de l'art et des bonnes pratiques, cloud computing , cloud hybride , cloud privé , cloud public , rgpd , IaaS , PaaS , SaaSAfter a good start in French in February, it took me a little while to translate, correct and publish it in English. I confess that after thinking a lot about having it translated, I decided to try AI translation and correction. Readers will provide their judgment. However, I was kind of flabbergasted by the quality of AI translation since human parity has been reached.

Almost a like-to-like translation (a lot of adaptation was actually required), this book covers all aspects of cloud technologies, from technical, organizational and legal angles. It’s the results of years of experience with customers and partners across Africa. Cloud technologies are revolutionizing computing, businesses, and government. However, taking advantage of them is not as simple as it seems. This book will help you to transition to the cloud and embrace the hybrid cloud.

No organization can ignore cloud technologies. For costs, performance or functionalities reasons, the cloud has something for any organization. The book Private, Hybrid, and Public Cloud will avoid you mistakes early adopters have made.

I wish you happy reading! Grab your copy and leave comments!


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